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A sauce? A dressing? Why not both!

Yes - it really can be true. Try our enlightend sauce to spice up a salad, or use it as a stir fry with all sorts of vegetables.

Feel happy, be happy...

This is why people keep coming back. Our 100% plant-based sauce is something else. It makes raw veggies taste so delicious, that we have children and carnivores clamor for more.

Raw kale no longer needs to be juiced for its super-food qualities to be enjoyed at its best. It's versatility is astounding. Try it as a marinade, stir-fry or as a dressing.

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Stumped in the kitchen?

Put the wonderfully prepared sauce to use with equally abundant food! Taste the world as we take you on a trip with ethnic flavors, courtesy of our founder.

Continue the fun

Follow us along our journey @eatlikebuddha on Instagram & tag us with #eatlikebuddha

Broccoli Salad


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